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The Horizontal Bi-Folding door is a frame built like a roof truss and hinged on the building column placing the door load at the strongest area on the building.

A track across the outside of the header holds a small percentage of the weight and guides the door open and closed requiring very little physical effort.

There is no track on the floor to pull the plane over as the door is secured with foot bolts into the floor.

A portion of the door folds under the header when opening counterbalancing some of the weight and giving an inside lock point when open
· Operates Manually

· No Electrical power needed

· Easiest manually operating door on market

· Strong Wind Load resistance

· Locks Open as well as Closed

· Economical cost and freight

· Sealed against the weather—all Sides

· All Maintenance Free Components

· Exposed Verticals pre painted white Aluminum

· Hinges Stainless Steel

· Structural Girts Galvanized Steel Tubes

· Keyed Locking System Supplied

· Walk Door, Window or Polycarbonate sheet options
Horizontal BiFold Door System
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